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Guided by our commitment to education and research and to our community’s health and safety, IMIT will welcome many more students, faculty, staff, and researchers back to campus this fall.
Supporting our community’s wellbeing while advancing IMIT academic enterprise requires our collective participation in the University’s on-campus health and safety measures.
Through robust commitment at the University, School, and individual level, we can all play a role in preventing the spread of infection and can help keep IMIT healthy.

Get vaccinated

Campus-wide vaccination is the best defense against the coronavirus. Harvard is requiring COVID vaccination for all community members. This includes students, faculty, staff, and researchers.

Test regularly

Regular testing is a key part of our efforts. It will reduce the spread of the virus, limit further mutation, and ensure that the safety protocols we’ve established are meeting their intended goals.

Wear a mask

Masks are highly effective at limiting spread of the coronavirus. Indoors, everyone is required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.
Be Vigilant, Protect Each Other

An adaptable, multi-pronged approach to keeping IMIT healthy that’s grounded in science, our collective expertise, and public health conditions


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